Database Services

Database Services

PostgreSQL and Other Databases Support Services

Database Health Check Service 

It is extremely important to ensure continuous optimization by determining potential problems in advance in order to ensure high performance business continuity of database and database infrastructure components. This requires the system to be checked regularly. With the Health Check Service we provide the below services for PostgreSQL, Oracle, NoSQL databases and their infrastructure components: 

  • Infrastructure reviewing, 
  • Collecting performance and health check data in a way that does not affect performance in production, test and development environments, 
  • Collection of security vulnerabilities and security policies, 
  • With the report prepared, measures for bugs and security vulnerabilities, architectural performance improvement suggestions, 

will be offered to customers. 

Database Performance Improvement 

Databases face performance problems due to the continuous growth of data today and the large variety of applications running on it. It is extremely important to make regular improvements to the database systems in order to overcome the possible consequences. 

Within the scope of the Database Performance Improvement Service, potential problems that may adversely affect performance are identified and necessary improvements are carried out. It is monitored whether the code and database performance is working in the most appropriate and recommended way. 


Infrastructure Management, Maintenance and Support Service for PostgreSQL and Other Database Systems

The following are the services we provide to keep PostgreSQL, Oracle and NoSQL database servers and infrastructure components working properly; 

  • Business Continuity requirements for 24/7 or 5/8 depending on the SLAs, 
  • Monitoring log and trace files and taking necessary actions, 
  • Monitoring the data growth with regular controls and making the necessary arrangements in line when necessary, 
  • Routine control of backup and backup logs and realization of proactive management, 
  • Performing backup and recovery operations in mission critical applications, 
  • Periodic retrieval of database table statistics, 
  • Transfer and deployment of objects in the different databases 
  • Creation and management of new database users 
  • Disaster recovery center systems management 


Database Migration Services 

Migration services are provided from different commercial databases such as Oracle, MSSQL and Sybase to the PostgreSQL database with easy, secure and minimal system interruption. 

As part of our PostgreSQL Database Migration Service; 

  • The structure and functioning of existing applications and databases are reviewed, 
  • The changes to be made on the application after the PostgreSQL migration are determined and shared with the DevOps teams, 
  • Identifying and preparing data structures that need to be edited on PostgreSQL, 
  • PostgreSQL equivalents of the current databases are developed by examining structures such as Stored Procedure, Backup Task, Extraction-Transform-Load (ETL), 
  • Test pass, functionality and performance tests are performed, 
  • Error and performance fixes are provided after the tests. 
  • Failover, high availability, replication and load testing 


PostgreSQL Database Training 

All contents for all levels is provided, from those who do not yet have knowledge about the database to database administrators. Participants are trained with up-to-date content within the scope of PostgreSQL Database Training, which can be organized both online and in classroom trainings. 
General Training Content includes the following subjects; 

  • Database concepts 
  • Introduction to PostgreSQL and its features 
  • PostgreSQL installation and management 
  • PostgreSQL usage, basic PostgreSQL commands, SQL concept in PostgreSQL 
  • PostgreSQL data types 
  • Index types such as Hash, GIST, GIN, SP-GIST, BRIN in PostgreSQL 
  • Processing Queries 
  • Performance Adjustments 
  • Database Security 
  • Data Partitioning 
  • Function, Stored Procedures and Trigger concepts in PostgreSQL 
  • Monitoring and overview of monitoring tools such as Grafana, Zabbix, Gloowroot 
  • Logging and statistics processes in PostgreSQL 
  • High Availability Infrastructure 
  • PostgreSQL backup (backup), recovery scenarios.  
  • PostgreSQL Upgrade Scenarios 
  • Migration of Oracle SQL Servers to PostgreSQL 
  • Foreign Data Wrapper concept 
  • Extension concepts 
  • Review of popular extensions