Data Center Design Services

Data Center Design Services

The need for Data Centers arises from "Data and Data Ownership". ​

It is estimated that the size of new information generated per second for each individual will be approximately 1.7 MB by 2020.

For these reasons, processing and storing of the big data that has emerged with the rapid transfer of processes and services to digital platforms has become a critical issue. ​

The need for scalable and manageable structures, i.e. data centers, which provide the storage, transportation, protection, and analysis of information, equipped with all kinds of technical infrastructure, providing high-level security, guaranteeing the security of life in cyberspace, providing privacy and providing 24/7 uninterrupted service, more than ever when evaluated in light of technological developments. ​

​Because Data Centers need to have features such as cooling, adequate infrastructure, security, and continuity in order to meet the functional requirements we expect, due to the characteristics of our systems. ​

​Classic system rooms evolve into data centers for reasons such as the need for data transmission, storage and calculation, protection against physical and cyber threats, backup and business continuity requirements, cooling and air conditioning requirements to maintain optimum operating levels. Given all these requirements, the inadequacy of the system rooms creates the need for Data Centers. ​

​Our services are basically gathered under the following headings and are planned and carried out specifically for our customers.

  • In order for the institutions and organizations to realize future goals, targets, and strategies and the projects that are suitable for them, by firstly determining the resources or deficiencies they have, analysis of positive/negative developments out of their controls, ​
  • Finding appropriate solutions by identifying the problems and the needs that may be encountered during the implementation phase in order to ensure and sustain corporate development in the short or long term, ​
  • Preparing a roadmap on how the strategy of the organizations should be taken into consideration by considering local and international regulations, technological developments, and approaches regarding the future of technology, functional necessities and integration of our country with the information age. ​

Our Technology and Data Center Consultancy is a framework that starts with evaluation, strategy, and design and extends to implementation and operational activities, and analyzes and creates IT policies to be implemented using Reference Methodologies (ITIL, PMI®) and their Standards (Uptime Institute), covers consultancy service terminated with system analysis and design, the establishment of solution model, operational procedures, cost analysis, Project Defense and Presentation in turn.