Data, Database, and Big Data Security

Data, Database, and Big Data Security

Cyber Security can be defined as any kind of tool, methods and guides that will protect computer networkssoftware and data stored in these environments from attack, damage and unauthorized access.

Data security: as one of the most important pillars of cybersecurity, data security is a method of protection from unauthorized disclosure and modification of data in computers and other communication systems. Conceptually, cybersecurity is at the top, and data security is at the basis of the assets it defines and protects. Network security, identity management, endpoint, cloud, virtualization security are at the core of data security. Things to be done while securing data are listed as follows;

  • Encryption and Masking
  • Sensitive Data Discovery
  • Authorized User Audit
  • Application Encryption
  • Audit Management and Logging
  • Key Management
  • Database Firewall
  • Compliance Check
  • Configuration Management

In addition to this, identity management, which is one of the most important stages for data protection, should also be provided, as environmental protection factors lose their importance today with the increasing presence of mobile devices. Also, Single Sign-On (SSO), multi-factor authentication, encrypted network access, centralized identity management are among the most important pillars of data and database security.

Big data environments add another level of security to traditional data security because security tools in big data environments must provide protection in all stages of data entry, storage and output of data that cannot be found in a network at all. Big data tools and applications where data comes, processed, stored, and output to applications and reports should be under the control of the 3ADE mechanism. 3ADE is not a new thing, it is only the necessity to handle and process large data differently in terms of both volumetric, speed and data diversity. Accordingly, if we explain 3ADE, these are;

  • Authentication
  • Authorization & Access Control Lists
  • Encryption & Decryption
  • Audit Trails

AGILIOM provides value-added services in protecting data, the most valuable assets of organizations today. These services provided by applying the aforementioned methods are listed below;

  • Consultancy Services
    • Situation Analysis
    • Requirement Analysis
    • Process Optimization

  • Professional Services
    • Design
    • Customary Applications
    • Installation and Commissioning

  • Training
    • Awareness Training
    • Product/Application Training