OTILIUM is an integrated data (and database) platform that can work without additional cost on the side of data transfer, backup and query acceleration by consolidating integrated usage and management capabilities on the PostgreSQL core.

OTILIUM is an integrated database and data services platform designed according to the open source license model, completely built in micro-services architecture, and combined with the capabilities of AGILIOM engineers in database, database management, data services and applications.

With the simplified interfaces of OTILIUM, the usage confusion that end users frequently experience in database systems has been eliminated, and at the same time, frequently used processes and functions are presented to users either autonomously or as a template.

OTILIUM's developers, in accordance with their more than 20 years of "data science" experience, have provided an easy management environment by combining the functions and features that customers need most in a database platform. All of these capabilities (web-based management module and all services in micro-service architecture) are offered as cloud or on-premise systems that can be integrated into systems.

Finally; Although OTILIUM is an open source-based platform developed to support the incredible development of open source technologies, thanks to customized algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence supported processes; It is an original product as a sustainable, scalable and manageable database platform. Moreover, OTILIUM does not charge you any extra cost for these capabilities. With its strong, expert team and support capabilities, it will never let you down.


General Features

  • Table Design,
  • View Design,
  • Role and User Management,
  • Function and Procedure operations,
  • Data partitioning viewing and monitoring,
  • Database Creation,
  • Procedure Management,
  • Trigger Management,
  • Indexing,
  • Collecting and reporting statistical data,
  • Maintenance operations,
  • Database and server configuration management

Replication & Migration

  • Management and commissioning of WAL Log configurations,
  • Performing data transfers from Oracle and MySql databases,
  • Ability to calculate migration cost and time.


  • Ability to create Active and Passive Cluster structures


  • Ability to perform alarm log tracking,
  • Ability to perform system log tracking.

DB Configuration

  • Ability to manage database system settings.


  • Ability to perform system logs and system workloads analysis and reporting.

Backup / Restore and Maintenance

  • Creation and scheduling of various backup methodologies via tool


It is developed in micro-service architecture. It supports PostgreSQL (version 11 and later). In addition, it supports clustering structure (scale-out) as needed on horizontal scale with its container architecture.

Supported Database Technologies:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MsSQL (Soon)
  • DB2 (Soon)
  • Sybase (Soon)


OTILIUM is currently available as an on-premise and cloud service.


  • Software
  • Software+Appliance


  • SaaS, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure