Relay Race

In order for users to gain full points, they must access 2 flags on each machine, belonging to different levels of authority.

Special Scenarios

The systems with special scenarios, which are developed by inspiring from corporate networks, are seized and the risks in private networks are revealed.

Human Resources

Get many customized reports such as time spent on systems, questions solved, and achievements.


It provides a unique environment for individual or team work by creating special teams between teams for staff.

Interview Infrastructure

Successfully complete your job interviews with a special infrastructure to conduct technical interviews in recruitment.


Scoring is performed by scoring with questions prepared specially for each machine and scores obtained from flags.


Organize competitions between squads by determining the systems that teams will access. Develop techniques to strengthen your cyber security infrastructure with Red (Red), Blue (Blue) and Purple (Purple) squads.


The machines have a special snapshot system. In the event that any machine's services after exploitation fail, the machines can be restored to their original state.

Job Postings

Organizations create a job posting to meet the needs of cyber security specialists and have an infrastructure that can meet the personnel needs according to their technical skills among hundreds of users.

User Comparison

Create custom reports by comparing the achievements of two different users. At the same time, integrated with the interview system, measure and report the technical success of the interviewed users.

Specific Authorization

Establish special authorizations for Users, Teams or Teams. Grant access permissions for users who reach a certain level by specifically authorizing systems that Users, Teams and Teams can access.


Create reports based on user, machine, category, distribution of success, difficulty levels. Using the methodologies in the cyber security lifecycle, take the most accurate technical measurements.


Owing to the 'Challenge' module, the employees of the institution can start a contest by challenging other personnel through the machines they determine.


Run special tournaments between Users, Teams and Squads. Tournaments allow users to compete on selected machines to improve their practical knowledge.

Especial Teams

Managers can create especial teams and create teams where staff working in different fields can come together.


Get hints for all machines and scenarios. Hints inspire users to make a successful exploitation attempt to systems.


With the ticket system in PriviaHub, users are provided to report their questions, needs and feedback to our security team.

Sensei Module

Each phase in the cyber security lifecycle that continues from the initial step to the network capture step is specially simulated with the Sensei module.


Assistants are designed to help the user in machine and ctf solutions in a war environment, in an emergency or when information is required.


Users level up as they gain points in the system and they gain rank as they level up.

Clan Wars

Users in Marshall authority can create a "Border Team" consisting of users in their clans. The Border Team has to fight with other clans through the tournament every month.

Border Team

Users can apply to the Border Team 1 week prior to the battle. Marshall can determine the Border Team up to one day before the war by evaluating the applications.


Daily tasks are determined by the Assistant (Pablo) or Marshall. Daily tasks are assigned to each user by the Assistant (Pablo).

Badge System

All users in the system level up at the rate of points they gain and earn a badge. All the badges user earns are displayed on his profile as a mark of achievement.