As Agiliom, our PriviaHub product, which we offer specifically to the cyber security sector, was developed by Turkish engineers using domestic facilities. Our PUBLIC version has 70+ machines and limited features. Although our PUBLIC version has been active for a short time, it is used by more than 2,500 users.


PriviaHub offers an infrastructure integrated with cloud systems. In this way, it integrates with cloud systems such as Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud and saves time and resources. Depending on their preferences, our customers can deploy our PriviaHub product to their own Cloud environments or use our cloud infrastructure that we offer to each organization in distributed data centers as Agiliom.


In addition to the Cloud integration of PriviaHub, there is also an on-premise version that organizations can use in their infrastructure. With the support of On-Premise, all management and access on the resources within the organization can remain in the corporate network and can be isolated and used from the internet environment.